Going Above and Beyond is What Sets Us Apart.

Ascension Investment Management offers our clients several distinct advantages:

  • Focus on Socially Responsible Investing ("SRI") — We only invest with managers and funds that agree to adhere to our SRI Policy, in many cases by managing our investment as a separately managed account, a separate share class in a commingled fund, or by allowing us to opt-out of certain fund investments in private strategies.
  • Investment flexibility — Ascension Investment Management provides advice with respect to diverse investment strategies. Clients are not limited to a "one size fits all" investment approach and can select an asset allocation tailored to their investment objectives and needs.
  • Size — We leverage our large asset base to access investment opportunities and to negotiate for lower fees and favorable terms that are typically available only to larger institutional investors.
  • Investment expertise — Our performance is driven by an investment team of seasoned professionals, including several former Chief Investment Officers with experience managing investment programs for other institutions. These professionals are dedicated to specific asset classes in which they have a depth of experience. Our investment professionals have the ability and resources to confidently invest in complex vehicles and strategies.
History, size and experience uniquely position us to help faith-based
institutions achieve their investment objectives.