Investing With the Dedication, Understanding and Respect Each Client Deserves.

Time is essential for developing a strong relationship between our clients and investment teams. Additionally, the right people must spend this time to understand your business and to share that understanding with your investment team. We are committed to spending the amount of time necessary to understand:

  • The overall mission of your organization
  • The culture of your Board and staff
  • Your organization's spending objectives and profile
  • Risk tolerance
  • Your organization's overall knowledge of investments and its need for education
  • Your organization's need for liquidity and the ultimate investment time horizon
  • Other idiosyncratic factors that may affect outcome

Committee and donor education

Education is paramount and we are dedicated to making sure that clients understand their portfolio, trends in the marketplace, and our strategies. We believe that good decision-making is facilitated by enhanced Investment Committee communication and clear expectations. To help achieve this, we provide educational materials and customized reporting. We also make it a priority to be available for questions and concerns as they arise.

It's a privilege to manage capital for clients. Strong partnerships are built with excellent communication
and a dedication to superior service.