Your Investment Policy Statement Establishes a Strong Relationship Foundation.

We can guide your organization in the development of an Investment Policy Statement ("IPS") that typically includes:

  • Purpose and objective of the policy
  • Investment objectives
  • Roles of constituents and assignment of responsibility
  • Spending policy
  • Performance objectives and benchmarks
  • Asset allocation guidelines
  • Portfolio guidelines and restrictions
  • Policy statement review and change procedures
  • Other parameters such as diversification and derivative use policies

We believe that creating an effective IPS that is tailored to each client’s needs is extremely important for the success of their portfolio. Our investment and risk management teams can assist our clients in determining their specific risk and return targets. This ultimately leads to the recommendation of a strategic asset allocation that is designed to address the client's long-term objectives. Our investment professionals have extensive experience in creating Investment Policy Statements for a variety of entities, including operating funds, endowments, foundations, insurance trusts, faith-based entities, and other long-term portfolios.

An IPS should be tailored to address the unique characteristics of each investor and serve as a strategic guide
in the planning and implementation of an investment program.